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Bible Study App adfree

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This bibel does not differ from the free version besides being adfree.Bible study app including access to the original text in hebrew and greek for each downloaded translation. For each original text word, search all occurrences of this word in the bible. This gives you concordance. Look for the sources of words and see how a greek or hebrew word is composed or derived from. Do an intelligent cloze test for each chapter of the bible, that really verifies how you observed the bible text.
You can download different translations in english or german and compare them for a bible passage to get different impressions from the bible text.
The bible app is 100% offline usable. All translations as well as the base text support will be downloaded to your device.
click on a vers in the reading view to see the original text words, encoded by the numbers of the theologian Strong. Click on links of the sources section of a word to see how a word is composed or derived from. Click on the description of a word to see how the scripture uses this word in all passages containing it.
There are different commentaries available. The archaic Geneva translation has a detailed commentary inside. German translations Elberfelder also have commenaries.
Word Search:- Search terms are separated by space character- search for basic forms (the basic form of fed or feeds is feed)- to have a fast search let the first search term be the least frequent word- the search for very frequent words like god or jesus will take a relative long time
Available Translations:
English:- Updated King James Version (UKJV)- Geneva Bibel (Commentary within)- Jubilee 2000- World English Bible - British Edition (WEB; Some Verses missing)
German:- Jantzen New Testament- Elberfelder 1905